WordPress Web Design & Development

Good design to emphasise your content

I believe that design is not the most important aspect of a website. The most important is the content and what you’re trying to achieve with your website. That’s why I am concentrating in planning and building designs serving the content. Your content will be easily accessible thanks to a user-friendly navigation.

Believing in this statement means that I will offer creative designs, not only matching your tastes, but also taking in consideration your competitors and current market trends.

WordPress Integration

Because an efficient website is also an easy-to-update website, I chose to integrate my design with WordPress, a great CMS (Content Management System), not only used for blogs but also for professional websites.

I can start from scratch and create for you a complete website using WordPress. I will attach plugins to the core in order to expand the functionalities of your site.

I can create a new design/template and integrate it with your existing WordPress site and I also offer affordable solutions for small clients who wish to use a WordPress Premium Template as a base for their design.